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BitComet Accelerator

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I not sure whether if I'm allowed to post such patch software in this forum. Sorry if offended.

I found these two BitComet Accelerator in http://www.softpedia.com/.

Two programs are:

- BitComet Accelerator 3.2

- BitComet Acceleration Patch 4.1

Does it really boosts up the download speed and improves the experience of BitComet?

Comments are most welcomed! ~ :lol:

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Assuming you check it thoroughly for viruses and spyware (endemic to these kinds of things), try it yourself.

Did your speed double? Did you even notice a difference?

We've seen many of these. None of them ever has a plausible explanation for how they might do what they claim, and they're usually equipped with spyware or adware, and none of them produces the results they claim.

Is THIS particular one crap? I don't know. But it's maybe the tenth or twelfth used car that turned out to be a lemon, and it follows the pattern of all the others (Double your speed!!! With our sekrit technology!!!) so this one is way more likely to be more of the same than what's claimed for it.

And the first one's so sucessful that they haven't bothered to renew their web site registration. The second one, of course, wants you to pay for it. What did P. T. Barnum claim was "born every minute"?

Spend an afternoon understanding exactly how bittorrent works -- it's not difficult at all. Then look over what these things claim they can do. That will be the most effective vaccine against them.

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