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100% but it missing some small parts and do not open

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Mayby this issue has been up before, but i didnt find any on the search.

When i dl a movie its often like i got 100% down, but the files aint complete.

i did try to dl again, letting BC start with a checksum thing.

But it dont work.

Example/ I dl rome season 1, and it was 4.19Gb and i got 4.18Gb home, and thats 100%

the BC tells me <_<

Then i did a new dl, BC did look all the files up and finded i miss some, like 0.6%

Yippie i think.

Around 60Mb laters i am still lack of some small bits, and BC dont find any more missing files to bring me.

So what to do?

What i read in the postings about this dl, i cant find that others got the same problem.

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me, i just watch it as is

but you didn't say if the file ext. was complete

ie: has BC completed the file and removed the .bc ext and put .avi or whatever

you can change it manually if say a file is 99.7% complete - it will be quite watchable.

you might have to change your settings in windows to do this or try property cafe from my blog http://my.opera.com/caf4926/blog/show.dml/75377

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I was having this problem as well with another set of files.

I noticed that if I was downloading, say, only episode 5, then episode 6 would sometimes listed as partially completed as well. Then when I later tried to download episode 6 it would download to 100% but wouldn't play. Moreover, vlc couldn't play them as partial files (even removing the .bc! extension and having the file end with .avi). I'm not sure what was going on.

Possible solution:

Right click on the task select the episode you wish to download. Hit ok.

Try doing a manual hash check before downloading an episode. After the manual hash check is complete download the file as usual. Ever since I've been doing this I haven't had any problems, so if my experience is anything to go by, it should work.

Best of luck

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