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Port Forwarding (Not again, Eh?)

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Ok, I thought I posted this, but I guess that my connection screwed up. Anyway, here's my problem..

I have my ports forwarded, I have no firewall on or installed, besides the router firewall. I was recieving good speeds and remote connections... Now, only local.

I have no idea what could have caused this change. I movfed houses, and my ISP updated my modem, but my router is still the same, and I don't think that a simple modem upgrade would have caused this, would it?

Anyway, I really love bitcomet. I know that there has to be some way to fix this!

I have a static ip. I have my port forwarded. All settings are the same as they have been. Why did it all of a sudden stop working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I tried to test the port on canyouseeme.org, I got a connection refused error. Why is my port all of a sudden closed, or being refused? I can get into both the router and the modems configurations. I will post pictures in a second of the set-up.

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The port may be closed, probably is, but that test didn't prove that. A "connection refused" error is quite different. Where, exactly, did you get this? In trying to connect to the web site, or upon testing your port?

If the web site, then try here and see what happens.

Like a water pipe with a series of valves, it only takes one closed valve to block the flow, even if all the others are open.

Your ISP may have placed you behind a firewall, so you need to investigate that possibility, but it is more likely that something did indeed change in your setup during the move. You need to investigate any/all software firewalls to see if they've been reactivated, or reconfigured so that the port is now closed. If you have a software firewall rule for BitComet, try deleting it and re-creating it. If you installed any new, unrelated software, did it perhaps install a firewall without your knowledge?

One good candidate to investigate is this new modem. Are you sure it's only a modem, and doesn't have a built-in firewall?

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You know, I should have noticed this... The new modem they game me is also a wireless router. So, that could be causing a collison with my already owned router, could it not? .... Damn Embarq! Is there a way to fix this?

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You'll need to decide how you want to configure your network.

You could, say, disable the firewall in the new one, but you'll want to be very sure you never connect anything else to it, even/especially wirelessly.

You could configure the new one, and open the same port on it, doing the whole port-forwarding bit, using your old router (with static IP) in place of the computer as far as the setup goes.

Or you could configure the new one, take the old one out and not use it anymore.

You'll need the manual for the configuration.

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