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Im new and dont understand a thing really

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Ok, I just downloaded this Bitcomet thing for the first time version 7.0, and i looked in Help and it says to download, just find the torrent file u want on a website and click the Download torrent button. but heres the problem, when i click download torrent, the page basically just refreshes and nothing happens. Can anyone help me out?

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you don't need to open bitcomet before click a *.torrent file to download if it is not open it will open by itself when you try downloading something. The easies way is to make bitcomet your default bittorrent client. you've been prompt for that in the install process if you click no go to options->preferences->advanced-> check default bittorrent client. Then go to a torrent search engine like www.isohunt.com search for a file that you want, click download torrent, then you will be prompt to open save run click open you will have bitcomet selected automatically if you set it as default bittorrent client, a window in the bitcomet will open showing all the files in that torrent and you can choose what to download click ok and torrent will start to download. If you didn't change the default download folder (not recomended) the files will be downloaded in c:\program files\bitcomet\downloads. you can change this in options preferences task.

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