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How can you change the internet options?

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Most people don't even use BitComet's built-in browser. It's not that good, and there's absolutely no need to. Use your favorite browser, such as Firefox, for all your browsing needs. When you find a torrent you'd like, simply download it to your hard disk in a known location, then fire up BitComet and open that torrent file in it.

If, during your installation or in your preferences, you've associated BitComet with torrent files, you can simply double-click on the downloaded .torrent file, and it will open in BitComet.

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When i browse the web site through netscape, it does work, but when i double click it to dl it, it simply brings me back to the homepage. Soo, i was assuming opening it through the bitcomet built-in browser would let me dl the file. But yea i'll try to both of your advices, thx. :)

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