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Show in System Tray Only Option

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I want to suggest an option in BitComet to show in the system tray as an icon only please.

Right now, BitComet can minimize to an icon, but when I activate BitComet, it will show in the task bar. If you can make it so it always shows in the system tray only, that would be cool.

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the option is working very well just you are talking for different things

i think jessie misunderstood your question.

meanie wants bc to show only in system tray.

now if you check that option to start minimize bc stay minimized in the systray. but if you open bc the icon disappear from systray and going to task bar.

then the requested option should be like this:

the bc icon to show only in systray no matter bc is minimized or maximized (open).

Like it is in Winamp for example. show the icon:

-in systray

-in taskbar


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