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curious: great speeds despite error messages

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i wanted to get a torrent while at work, so i just switched to bitcomet since utorrent wasn't working with my proxy. with bitcomet, i was able to get speeds of 150-200k/s even through my proxy, which is great, so this isn't a complaint or problem. i'm just curious though how this is possible since the log in bitcomet says repeatedly that it couldn't use my proxy, upnp device not found and dht isn't connected. i mean, 150-200k is pretty good, so how am i still able to get that despite these problems?

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Because BitComet has a GREAT feature where it automatically removes ports on a firewall or a NAT router. Sometimes this wont work, so you need to port forward anyways. But it seems to be working at your work. :)

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UPnP routers theoretically allow applications like BitComet to open and close ports at need. "Theoretically" because it very frequently doesn't work, even on routers that claim to support it.

Most competent sysadmins aren't about to allow that, so even if you do encounter a business router that bothers to support it, they'll disable it. (National SysAdmin Day today, so be appreciative.)

At any rate, BitComet is telling you it can't find any such compatible device. Not a big deal, but you may as well disable it in the preferences so it no longer wastes time trying, or complaining about it.

Your proxy very likely does not support UDP packets, many of them are TCP only, which is probably 1) what BC is complaining about and 2) why you're not getting any DHT connections. In that case, you never will. You might as well disable DHT in your preferences while you're changing things. It's no big deal, just means you won't find quite as many peers, but this matters only if you're not getting enough from the tracker. Sounds like you are.

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