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Green, Orange, Red, Grey Smilies?


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what are the colored smilies under "Peers"? What does each color mean or represent? I have looked for a tutorial on the Bitcomet Software and cannot find one that says anything about the part of the software that starts with "summary" then, "content", then "snapshot" and etc. The last one I think is "statistics". I have found a tutorial on Bitcomet settings but not the software itself. Am I overlooking it?

Why am I a "leecher"? I do not want to be a leecher! Does that mean I do not upload enough? I try to always seed!

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The information on the new "peer icons" introduced with version 1.14 was added to the wiki.bitcomet.com page within a couple days of the release of this version.

We are trying to get the english translations out as fast as possible, but if you searched for it on the day the version was released, it wasn't there only because it wasn't translated yet.

If you still cannot find it, I'll help you.

Regarding "leecher", this term refers to all users who first begin to download a torrent, and they become a "seeder" when the download is complete. When "leecher" is used as a description of a "person" rather then a "peer", it means someone that stops the torrent/s when they get what they wanted, (out of ignorance, or lack of concern for others trying to download).

The "rank" in the forum begins with "leecher", and it will change when you make 5 or 10 posts. I don't remember exactly, but we posted a list of all the forum ranks a few years ago. I will probably make a new topic soon, we've just been pretty busy trying to get this forum back up to date and running smoothly, and we are still "short staffed", and since we are all volunteers, we have only limited time here.


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