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Introduce a setup guide for speed/connections related settings in the BitComet installer/options menu.


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A "speed guide" would help a lot of users to set their client for the best possible performance.

The guide should start as the installation progress finishes making it an option like reading the "read me" file check box, checked by default (if the user is just updating the client this may not be needed, and annoying.)

A link to a speed test site should be added for those who don't know their speeds (eg. speedtest.net) Also, the guide should have a port checking tool that gives the option to be redirected to this forum, at the general discussion section or to portforward.com if the ports are reported to be blocked.

For setting the number of connections, the user should be asked if they use a modem, and if they do, how old it is (to avoid crashing).

This improvement will seriously decrease the number of speed related complaints and increase the performance of the client.

If you agree on adding this setup guide I'll be more than happy to translate it in romanian.

I'm looking forward to your reply,


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The most convincing answer I can make, is to suggest you try writing one. (In Romanian, don't worry about translations for now.)

Your audience consists of crusty old engineers like me, smart-a** comp-sci grad students looking to poke holes in your work, your fourteen-year old niece, and your mother-in-law who thinks touching the computer will probably break it and has no idea what a modem is. One of them is a soldier on an army base where they absolutely forbid P2P (and regard anyone who assists anyone else as equally guilty), while another is running Win98 on a 486-66 laptop in a childrens' leprosy clinic in Idunnoistan, and doesn't speak any language you know but there's a young boy who's been helping her do this as her sole source of recreation. Then there's the woman who has a thought-powered 5 TB/s network connection in her brain, (which was written up in last month's "Cyborg Beautiful" magazine). She expects you to know all about it and wants your help configuring BC for it.

Which edge=cases are you going to include/exclude, and how do you justify it? They're your lines to draw, but you do have to draw them SOMEwhere. You have to write to all of these while taking care not to insult any of them or offend their intelligence while staying out of legal or political trouble yourself. Oh, and actually doing some good. You remember, trying to actually help anyone with their connection speed?

By the time you accomplish all this, the document will have grown so large that it scares half your audience away by its sheer size.

Links? You want to link to sites? The average half-life of a link on the internet is six months. That means that after six months, half the of those links will be broken because the site is dead, or has been rearranged so that whatever you linked to is no longer at that URL, or even there at all.

So you'll have to maintain the document constantly, or decide to just abandon it and let link-rot make it gradually irrelevant. Or maintain it for a while, get sick of it, and try to pass it on to somebody.

You'll need some feedback mechanism, because without it you won't know what parts worked and what didn't. That means some way to contact you that doesn't drown you in email spam.

You'll have to refuse helping on an individual basis, but you'll get asked anyway. How will you deal with that?

You'll want some sort of copyright on it, or people will take your work and delete your name from it.They may do that anyway. They may even lift chunks of it wholesale, and publish it as theirs. What will you do about that?

And, btw, you're doing all this for free.

As Microsoft would say, "Are you sure?"

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I'm just wondering why so many utorrent users get so "lucky" on the settings and get lagged less often..maybe it's just coincidence or maybe most people don't have the time or are not willing to surf forums on a daily basis just to get some ordinary settings done right.:)

I didn't say that it should mess up bitcomet's configuration completely but it should "personalize" some of the most commonly changed and relatively harmless settings like limiting the upload speeds, upload slots control, bandwidth usage, etc.. in accordance with the most common connection types. And if that doesn't work then they should feel free to contact us.

As Einstein said it takes the touch of a genius to make a simple thing...:D

About links... I know that the direct links and links to small sites get changed often but the main and simple like www.bitcomet.com don't get changed so fast.

Thanks for the reply friend!


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