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I have used Bit comet before, but stopped after I received an email from Comcast, saying that i have downloaded a copyrighted movie. I would like to download again and upload more but I dont want them to disconnect me.

Could anyone tell me a good proxy to use, or something. lol Thx

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Well, I guess you could download the .torrent file through a proxy but you CAN'T download the actual files the .torrent file refers to, through a proxy since your bittorrent client will comunicate directly with all the other peers and your IP address will be visible to them all.

One solution might be to download the files through a seedbox and after completion to download them from there through a proxy. (I've never put this in practice though. I don't know any valid seedboxes URLs either at present time, since I don't use any.)

Or you could try to use an anonymous peer network like I2P and hope you will find there the file you seek. Some info about anonymous networks here.

The bittorrent protocol doesn't provide any privacy (anonymity) at this point, since it wasn't designed with that feature in mind.

If you simply want to use a proxy then you should use a http of ftp download service (like rapidshare or megaupload etc.). A lot of files that you find shared through torrents can be found there, too.

Or, finally you can try finding it on usenet. If you choose a paid usenet server, besides accesing it through a proxy I think you can use SSL encription to secure the connection all the way up to your computer.

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Nobody is paying Comcast to play net-cop. OTOH, you are paying them for your internet service. The best thing that you can do is to drop Comcast in favor of another ISP, and tell Comcast why you're leaving. This costs them a customer, and that will discourage them from threatening customers on behalf of the MPAA.

You'll probably get better service and reliability from another ISP anyway.

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I've stumbled upon this site today: Hide My Torrent. It seems to go more along the line of what you asked for. That is, a real-time proxy for a torrent client. Looks like it's a new service. It says it offers virtually unlimited download speed (up to 100Mb) and also encrypted connections between user and server. You have to dl a small piece of software at start. There is a monthly fee though.

But IF you have no other choice, and your ISP keeps nagging you about your P2P traffic you might consider this, too, as some layer of protection.

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