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runtime error

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Well, since it's a runtime error there isn't much you can do about it I guess. It's mainly there for debugging.

I think if it keeps coming up you should post it in the bugs section and hope it gets fixed soon. In the meantime you may consider deactivating the UPnP port mapping for Bitcomet and (if it is the case) forwarding your port manually.

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You probably didn't do anything wrong.

This error comes from UPnP, which is a system built into Windows and into the router, in the hopes, often misplaced, that the one is compatible with the other.

When it doesn't work, you get an error message that you cannot understand -- but that doesn't matter, because there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.

We strongly discommend the use of UPnP for router configuration. If it happens to work for your system and your router, good for you, for as long as that's true. If it doesn't, or it stops working, you're helpless.

Instead, configure your router by hand. It is good to understand what's going on, and if your system or setup changes or goes wrong, you have the possibility of fixing it. So disable UPnP in the router through its control interface, and tell BitComet to stop using it in the P/O/W, then do your port-forwarding manually.

Alternatively, some people have suggested banging around on some things, and this hopefully makes the error go away, at least temporarily, but none of them can explain why.

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