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how do I convert this type of file?


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Are you on windows xp? I don't remember if it's the same on vista or other MS OS's.

That's a VCD clone driver extension. Assign all image files to an app you like and it will disappear if it does not go to start/run, type regedit , click ok then, in the new window, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/Classes look for the .bin file extension,click on it and you'll se on the right the line with "(default)elby vcdmount" in it delete that and reboot your pc.

Next time, when you get into this sort of trouble, double click the file and a window like this bfs57r.png will appear. Select "Use the Web service to find the appropriate program" and click OK.

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These files are .ISO images of dual-layer DVD's. That is to say, they're already DVD's, just high-capacity ones. (Everyday DVD's are DVD5, while dual-layer are DVD9 (q.g.).

Most DVD burning software supports burning such images directly to disk. If yours doesn't, try the freeware ImgBurn.

You don't say what you're trying to do with them, but converting to DVD is what that software does. So if that's the goal, you don't need to convert them. they're already there.

You DO need a dvd burner that supports dual-layer disks, and yours may not. If that's the case, you'll need a burner that does, and you'll need to buy dual-layer disks for it.

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