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my isp speed...my bitcomet...


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1) i m using bitcomet v1.14

2) i m using mobile broadband.

3) i m now using Nokia 6230 (edge speed) act as a modem (connect with cable)

4) i m using ORG win XP sp2,Zone alarm & 360antivirus+anti spyware(china product), & i duno how to play with port forwarding(newbie with internet setting).

5) i did try to download some file like nokia pc suite or firefox,most of the time i only can get 5k~20kbps(download) & upload is 1~3kbps.

6) 557230899.png

my isp speed is extreme slow for downloading,i was hoping got anyhow to optimize my download speed under the setting side?i need some suggestion,TQ.

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It is not recommended to use bittorrent on a bandwidth that small, your GPRS/EDGE connection is mainly provided for mobile phone use and maybe some lo-fi internet browsing. There is no way to substantially increase it, except maybe look for better signal but that's not going to do much.

My advice: Go to a cable ISP. They are getting cheaper these days.

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Almost all wireless internet service, of whatever type, is usually firewalled. That means that other peers can't initiate contact with you, and you are forced to operate in "No listen port" mode, whether you want to or not. This will slow you down greatly, but it will still work. There's probably nothing you can do to increase your speed with this connection, since you don't control the firewall.

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