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I have being using bitcomet for the last 5 years, and its great. i noticed that HideMyTorrent has placed an ad on the bitcomet home page, does this program really works ? i mean, will the copy right holder still be able to find out who i am ? dont get me wrong, nothing is "bullet proof". but does it offer me just a little bit more "protection". or is it just another scam to get rich. :P

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It's against this forum's rules to help you on that matter but to answer your questions:

does it work? maybe.

will they stand for you when facing a court order? I don't think so.

If you want to pay for something safe go to a store and purchase what you need.

but that's just my opinion, do as you like.


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What they describe on their web site would work. In that sense, at least, it's not a scam.

It's a proxy, you communicate with them via an encrypted connection -- which should mean that your ISP has no idea what's being communicated -- and they're the ones "fronting" for you, standing in your place. All communication with other peers goes to them, and is forwarded to you. Everyone external sees only their server. The only way to detect you at the other end is to ask them.

They say that they don't keep any records of that. You'd have to trust them, or sue them if that turns out to be false. However, they could reasonably say, to a judge, "we don't keep any records. We don't know who did what when, and there's no way at all to find out now."

The idea itself is similar to the thought behind TOR -- the connection's gone through many different systems, none of which keep any records, so there's no way now to trace or re-create any part of the route from x to y. There is no evidence anywhere in the network that x ever communicated with y.

Hide-my-torrent would probably be obliged to reveal that, yes, you are one of their subscribers. They would probably have to concede, upon evidence, that one of their servers was in contact with an MPAA shill. But the link in between, from you to the shill? That H-M-T was doing this on your behalf? Sorry, no record of that. Coulda been, but no way to prove it by us.

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First of all, I would like to thank Vasy And Klurlos for their replies.

And to point out the facts, yes, i understand well that nothing is bullet proof, there are no firewalls that hackers can not break thought and no antivirus that will completely keep your computer safe. but atleast there is a buffer zone. and if i want to pay for things that i can download for free, and share it. I wouldnt be using P2P at the first place. i mean who really wants to get caught ? by using some thing that will decrease the chance and pay a small price so that i can stay seeding for longer. and still be better off then buying it, so be it. it was how ever interesting to see such an ad being place on the home page of a torreents client with out any one asking the question "does it work"

once again thank you for the replies. :D

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