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Pic & Sound not in sync


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Hello to everyone and anyone who can help me out.

I'm new at all this, so please forgive me if I don't use or understand all the correct terminolgy.

I've been slowly figuring out bitcomet and downloading movies for a couple of weeks now, with pretty good results.

Lately the movies I've downloaded and burnt to dvd are not in sync (pic & sound). I don't think I've changed anything to my configurations to explain this (but I'm no pc expert either). I have xp with firewall set to allow bitcomet through. BC 1.14. Green lights and fairly good download rates/speed.

My first dozen or so films were excellent but now....the sound is just enough out of sync from the pics to be annoyed and post my question here. suggestions anyone?

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BitComet has nothing to do with the contents and inner structure of the files it downloads to you. Once it has finished downloading the file for you, it's done. It deletes the .bc! extension from the file and leaves it at your disposal. It just makes sure it downloads into your computer whatever was uploaded on that torrent, in the first place. The single-most supplementary precaution you could take, in order to make sure that the file you downloaded doesn't contain any corrupt pieces would be to enable in Options --> Advanced: Hash-check on finish. This would hash-check the file once more time after the completion of the download. Usually everything goes well even without that but if you want to eliminate any suspicion...

Now, after that it's up to your operating system, installed codecs and filter sets and video player software to handle that file. So, if you get an out of sync file you have two scenarios:

1. Your downloaded video file is really out of sync. This means that whomever uploaded it, messed up at some point in the creation of the file and ended up with and out of sync file.

2. Something in the decoding chain OS + filters + video player, screws up the decoding of the video file and you end up with a out of sync output, just as well. This could be any of a number of causes (outdated filters/codecs as compared to those used in the making of the file, conflicts between filters etc.)

To check whether it's the first or the latter try running those files on some other computers with various OS and filter/player types to check if you get the same problem.

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One thing worth trying is to view the movie with the free VLC media player from videolan.org. VLC doesn't use the installed system filters, so it bypasses any problems with them. It's an excellent player on its own merits, and I default to it for most video and audio.

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