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Lost task but wait have read down the page!

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BT 1.14


Vista Home Premium

2wire (modem/wireless gateway) DMZ configured

Service provider security suite (Bell)

Read Keither, zecmaster7, and letsgoaz posts and the solutions are not working for me. First not sure if I have the world's strangest BT installation but in my program files there is no "torrents" folder and I can not find any file named "downloads.xml (.bak or otherwise).

Am puzzled and would like to be able to re-hash these downloads and uploads without having to do this via searching for the same file and having to download torrent and then it re-hashing.

Also curious on when using Firefox when the downloads window opens I was able to re-hash some recent files but the directory they are in C:/users/Johnathan(aka MacClearly)/downloads doesn't show any .torrent files but opening via Firefox they are there?

Would appreciate some help and oh yeah I seed as much as I am able, got the "second lieutenant" ranking why am I ranked as a leech here?

MacClearly (Clearly Canadian eh!)

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Last things first: the ranks on the BitComet server have absolutely nothing to do with classifications here. In fact, we don't have anything to do with the BitComet server at all. Here, "leecher" is someone's idea of humor. It just means you're new-ish to the forum.

Your problem is most likely Vista itself. hiding things from you.

Real operating systems make some effort to secure their own environments, so worms and viruses and trojans don't get inserted into them by any little program that wants to make the effort. Putting things in the Program Files tree should not be done except by someone/thing properly authorized to do that.

At long, long last, Windows has begun to think protecting its environment might be a good idea, so Vista will show you something that looks like the Program Files directory, but really isn't. In fact, what it's showing you is off of the "Documents and Settings" tree, in "your" personal directory. You will need to have the appropriate permissions and settings to look in the real Program Files directory, nominally C:\Program Files and not C:\Documents and Settings\macclearly\(whatever)\Program Files.

That's where your missing files and directories should be found.

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Sorry if I was unclear. The reference to the documents and settings folder was in regard to the default downloads folder that is used with both firefox and ie8. In my program folder off C: the bt folder has the following subfolders: fav, lang, plunin_emule, rules, scripts, and tools. There is no torrent folder which the other solutions seem to refer. As well I made sure to display all hidden folders and I am the administrator of the computer. So I am still missing (or not?) torrent folder in the program directory, and as well can not find the downloads.xml that was mentioned.

What I was looking for in the "documents and settings" which Vista handles a tad differently was the .torrent files to manually re-hash downloads, which I got to through firefox anyway but was curious why they did not show up in the actual directory.

Thank-you though for your response and its timely fashion!


Please use the "Fast Reply" option, unless there is a specific reason for quoting the post directlly prior to your own.

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While I did understand the explanation you gave about the missing Torrents folder and the rest of things I fail to understand very clearly what your problem is exactly. Do you actually have a problem? Are the tasks missing from the task view pane? If yes, did this happen just one time (following a crash or whatever) or is this problem occurring every time you restart Bitcomet? Or you just want to know those things for the sake of being informed?

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A crash occurred while java was trying to update. It crashed firefox and it crashed windows explorer. I had to do a hard reboot and when I re-started BT I noticed that all my tasks (down, up and complete) were gone. So I would like to re-hash via the methods described in other posts but then the missing folders brought more questions than answers for me.

Do I have a corrupt install of Bitcomet? Is it a Vista thing and the folders are not in the c:/programs/bitcomet directory? I have run a search on C: to find downloads.xml but have had no luck.

I do appreciate your patients and I apologize if I was not clear or there was a misunderstanding.



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