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Can't Upload LESS than 10kb/s!

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well, I'm testing BitComet 1.14 now.

And I have a max 330kb/s Download Speed and max 42kb/s Upload speed Internet.

and when I go to torrents Properties and set the Maximum upload to 1kb/s or 2 or 3, and press Ok

the torrent still keeps uploading more than 10kb/s

the same thing happens when I try to change the upload speed on Global Maximum Global Rate.

I try to set it to 5kb/s and press ok, however it doesn't change to 5kb/s

looks like that the minimum upload rate that BitComet accept is 10kb/s


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10 KB/s is the minimum upstream speed, and that limit was introduced several versions ago. There isn't any way to change that, but your connection is so slow that bittorrent isn't feasible over it. Most peers would see you as a very poor partner and would not, given any better options, trade pieces with you. Any download would therefore be excruciatingly slow, as would seeding. It's quite possible that downloads would never complete in any reasonable time.

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The min 10KB/s is hard-coded in BitComet by its programmers for a very good reason.

You should keep in mind that the upload speed per every task is divided among all the peers with which you are connected for that task at that respective moment, which can be as much as dozens. On the other hand if the speed at which you upload to a certain peer at any point, is too low, it will usually drop the connection with you and search for some other peer with better speed. In other words if your upload speed/task is too low you will end up with very low downloading speed (even towards 0KB/s). So, you see, this setting is there to protect you, the unknowing user. Of course, what BitComet can't prevent, is you bringing it down to its knees by running to many tasks at once, and thus, just the same, dividing its global upload speed among them, which will pretty much render the same result for you.

Therefore, what you want, is to set the global upload rate to 80% of your total upload tested speed. And run only so many concurrent tasks so that each one of them will get at least a 10KB/s(the higher the better) upload share of the total upload speed.

...so my download is 300kB/sec and 42kB/sec

The question is if these are your advertised or your tested speeds (i.e. at speedtest.net)?

Assuming these are your tested speeds, you need to set your global max upload rate at 42 x 0.8 = 33KB/s and try not to run more that maximum 3 tasks at a time, as a general rule.

And of course, don't forget to seed until you reach at least a 1-2 ratio. ;)

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