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Hello and welcome first.

Where did you find the video? I asked this because, if you found it in a website like youtube.com. you will need to install BitComet add-ons on your browsers and then follow our video download instruction in the "CometBird forum". If this is the case, please do as follows:

Step 1: In BitComet toolbar, click "options" to open the global setting dialog. Then choose "Integration".

Step 2: If you are using firefox, plelase click "install Firefox Extention for BitComet", or click "Install IE extention for BitComet".

Step 3: Installation finished, restart your browsers.

Now start downloading a video file:

Step 1: Locate the website where the video you want to download in.

Step 2: Play the video.

Step 3:In a blank space near but outside the video frame, righ click.

Step 4: "use BitComet to download-> video name"

If you mean a vidoe file in a torrent share website like mininova.org, you are in the proper forum then. But please tell us more information about the file and your BitComet information, such as version, operation system etc so we can concret the problem and help you out.

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You would profit by spending some time in our Guides and Tutorials forum, where you will find answers to many questions you didn't know you had. Bittorrent is quite different from normal downloading you have probably done before. It's not very difficult, it's just very different.

There are guides specifically for people who don't know much about Bittorrent, and there is a guide for properly configuring BitComet, which you will want to do soon. There is a wiki at the BitComet site which contains answers to questions that are frequently asked. There are the archives of this forum, which you can access with the search function, which also contain answers to questions and problems that others have answered before.

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