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Transporting bookmakes from firefox?

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Wow I'm a "newbie" but do I love the speed of comet bird! When installing, comet bird gave option to import bookmarks from IE, but how about Firefox? If I can transfer, I'm going to unload Firefox from my hard drive. Please advise......I couldn't find info on search, maybe I worded it wrong? Thanks & many blessings to you in advance!

Gwen, ;)


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(Topic moved from BitComet General discussion. Please take care to post in the proper forum.)

It's quite easy to do that, considering that CometBird is Firefox. There are two approaches.

From Firefox's Bookmarks menu, select "Organize Bookmarks". From that window, under the "Import and Backup" menu, choose "Backup", and save the backup file to your desktop (which is the default choice).

Now run Cometbird and use the same menu to restore from the bookmark file you saved on the desktop. Note that this will overwrite and replace your CometBird bookmarks with your FF bookmarks. If you had new ones, they'll be gone, so you'll need to recreate them.

If you have many existing CometBird bookmarks that you want to preserve, then instead of backing up and restoring, choose to export your Firefox bookmarks to HTML, again on the desktop, and import them in Cometbird. This will put the imported bookmarks into their own sub-folder in the bookmarks menu, and you'll have to rearrange things afterwards.

You'll have to choose between the two approaches, deciding which is less trouble for you.

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Hello, itsblee, CometBird is developed from source code of Firefox. So all functions are almost the same except CometBird adds some features, such as "Undo close tab" in the toolbar, "word translator" at the bottom of the browser window.

Besides, all add-ons compatible to Firefox can also be used in CometBird.

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CometBird is Firefox. Security features of one are security features of the other. Add-ons and plug-ins for one are add-ons and plug-ins for the other. Cometbird is exactly as secure as Firefox because they are the same thing. The additions to CometBird are not terribly significant in terms of changing any underlying functions.

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