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bit comet crashing etc...

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I’m running: Bitcomet 1.15, Shaw cable, through a wireless router that I cannot access as I live in a hotel, I run windows vista, and use Shaw secure which is f-secure, I can’t forward my port with the software I currently have, do you know of a free Portforward program?, Portforward costs money I don’t have, hence using Bitcomet in the first place

i am having problems downloading torrents. i see there are lots of connecting peers but nothing ends up downloading or when it does its very slow . i have limited uploading but i am not stingy with uploading. for instance I’ve been downloading district 9 now for three days and i only seem to get 20% or so per day. and i have this problem with everything i download. lots of connecting peers but nothing comes through. i know that sometimes its because the thing u want isn’t available. but it was working fine up until a few days ago. what gives

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You are evidently confused about this. There is no program that can forward a port through a router. Rather, you must have access to the router's firmware controls, in order to open a specified port in its firewall to your static IP address. If you can get the router's admin to forward a port for you, great, but you need to know what you're doing. Most of them won't even consider doing this -- and quite likely there's no one on the staff who even knows how. They likely had some consultant in to set the thing up.

You'll probably need to just operate in "no listen port" mode and live with the speed you get. It will be quite slow because of that.

"Leecher" in this context, is a cute and funny (laugh here) label for someone new to the forum who has not posted very many messages. It goes away by itself after a certain number of posts.

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ahh, i thought leecher was someone who was stingy with downloading or that ripped off other people or some other dastardly deed

Yeah, that's the general meaning in the BitTorrent world.:D

But here it was meant in an ironical way. It goes away after 3 posts, I think.;)

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