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BitComet 100% Freezes PC


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I am using v.1.15

I am on a Wireless Router network configuration (Dlink DIR-655), my ISP is Shaw, and I am subscribed to the High Speed Extreme

Windows Vista x64bit, Norton 360 Premier Edition (that firewall, Peerguardian2 firewall, router firewall)

Basically what happens is that whenever BitComet is open, my computer totally freezes. I literally can't do anything, no Ctr+Alt=Del, the clock stops working, one time I couldn't even power off through the actual button on my PC, and had to go and turn off then on my power supply. I have no idea what started this, but i'll tell you that it only started once I tried downloading big files (5.52GB). This shouldn't be a problem though because I have a very powerful router, with all of the up-to-date firmware, and I high speed internet plan.

I am wondering if this has anything to do with an add-on I recently got. BitComet Ultra Accelerator is meant to accelerate my speeds, but maybe it is actually causing the problem?

Help please!

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Your router has nothing to do with your computer freezing.

Besides, when did this start to happen?

Does it happen every time you start BitComet or only on occasions? Does this happen only in certain conditions?

Can you remember what changed before this started happening?

These are all questions only you can answer.

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There is no such thing as a BitComet accelerator or any other bittorrent accelerator, what you have is either a joke, a scam , a virus, or just something that will get you a nice bann from the trackers. Either way, you lose.

My advices:

-remove all traces of it,

-hope you're not already infected,

-get a good antivirus software.

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yes I have already gotten rid of all traces of that after figuring it out for myself that it wasn't doing anything. After deleting that, my comp no longer freezes. Its a different problem.

Now, when I try downloading something, the internet connection on my computer goes out, and my network adapter won't even detect my network until a reboot. This all started when I tried downloading a big torrent (5.52GB). Its quite possible that this only does this with big torrents, although I have yet to test that theory. What can I do?

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Since you have resolved the original issue for which you made this post I've locked it down. You'll have to pursue this discussion in the other thread you started, since this is now, an entirely different matter.

And yes, a good idea is to test as many scenarios as possible, that way you'll be able to give us more info and to rule out or pinpoint possible causes for the problem at hand.

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