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Bitcomet Not Resuming After Stop


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Hello All,

I'm using the newest version of bitcomet 1.15 on Windows Vista Home, everything is default settings besides the downloads directory.

My issue is that it seems after I stop a download and then start again its giving me conflicting information about what its doing. In the window where it has a list of all the downloads, it appears to tell me that it is starting over again, the "Down Size" column always starts over from 0, regardless of how much is downloaded. However the "Progress" stays updated with the current progress.

Am I doing something wrong and it is restarting every time I need to Stop and then Start it again, or is the Down Size misleading and its actually the down size of this particular session, not the total size down? On other clients I've used I usually see it check the downloaded material upon starting again for consistency but this one doesn't seem to do that so I wanted to check.

Thanks for any help

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The value in the Down Size column is indeed the value for the current session of download. If you want to check the total downloaded size check the Summary tab-->Download size. The first value is the same as the one you see in the Down Size column and the second (in parenthesis) is the one you seek.

As for hash-check, if the path hasn't changed since the last download session or the file is not missing, BitComet doesn't perform it since there is no need.

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