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Downloading slow Uploading fine


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Downloading at about 2 KBps and Uploading at 35 KBps

Tried other torrents and the same thing happens, download sits at next to nothing and upload flies up most of the time

Bitcomet 1.15


Have a router Port is forwarded

Windows 7 Vipre antivirus

Downstream speed is 1472 kbps

Upstream speed is 448 kbps

HTTP downloads go at normal speed but torrents dont

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Always bear in mind that for some poorly seeded torrents no matter what, you will get low speeds.

If that's not the case, check to make sure that your Global Max Upload speed is set to 80% of your tested upload speed. If 448kb/s is your tested upload rate than you'll need to set the above setting to (448/8)*0.8 = 44kB/s.

OTOH if that is not your tested upload speed then go to a test site such as speedtest.net or dslreports.com and test it first, on several servers and then calculate an average. Use that in the above formula. And check how BitComet works on a very well seeded torrent such as Open Office.

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The number of seeders is much less relevant than you think. You get the vast majority of your download from other peers like yourself. You usually only get a small portion directly from a seeder. A torrent with a large swarm and only a few seeders can easily max out your download bandwidth.

The download speed cited, 1472 kbps, seems wrong. That's a very, very slow connection, only 184 KB/s. You might want to check again.

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