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upnp device not found


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I'm new to BC, plz bare with me.

I live in an apartment building that is LAN wired.

In order to connect to the Internet you log into the LAN first and then you gain the access.

My wireless access point (D-link)plugs into the LAN (there is an Ethernet plug on the wall in my living room), my laptop wirelessly connects to the access point.

As far I understand(not network savvy)the IP is dynamically assigned by a server somewhere in the building,

but I can set it manually as well, it will work, I have tried.

The problem is, it seems that I have no way of setting up Port forwarding & Static IP, I have no control over the router that the building's LAN uses as a gateway to the Net.

UPnP is enabled but I don't think it matters in my case. I might be wrong though.

I have also tried to disable my personal firewall (Eset) and run the Listen Port detection again and again; same result.

The Yellow light is on and the Statistics Page shows "Listen Port of TCP:4661 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)".

I have tried using different Listen Ports but no luck.

I can still download at about 50 kb/s though.

Appreciate any help.


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djphil, the "device not found" message doesn't need fixing. It's simply telling you that you are not connected through a UPnP-compatible router. Chances are good that you already knew that. BC gives this warning in situations that are completely inappropriate for any warning.

Cyberia66, please don't jump into the middle of someone else's topic like this, unless you have the *identical* problem. Otherwise the answers get confused. It's also extremely rude. Start your own topic.

Unfortunately, you've done all you're going to be able to do with that connection.

You have been saved from yourself, though. Never, ever connect to the internet without a firewall. Have unsafe sex instead, you're statistically a little less likely to get an infection. But the same thing that's giving you problems, has preserved you -- namely the router's firewall. It kept you from getting infected just as it's blocking peer access to you.

Unless you can convince the administrator to allow you a static IP address, and to forward a port through the firewall for you, all that you can do is operate in "no listen port" mode. That will be considerably slower than it would be otherwise. Chances are that whoever at the apartment has actual control of the router, will have no idea how to do this. They probably call in someone from HQ or a computer consultant, and pay him by the hour.

You can ask, but chances of success are not good. So, live and learn. The value of an included internet connection in an apartment, especially if uncontrollable, is little or nothing. You'd be much better off getting your own ADSL connection. You very possibly can since it requires no wiring. Contact your local phone company to find out.

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