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help me please


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hi, first time post...teehee

anyway, the problem. iv been downloading a file for over 2 weeks now, it has the seed/peer[all] at 8/24[24/330] sometimes more and the speed only gets to around 25-45kB/s sometimes a little more.

i done a speed test and i got 4.81 Mb/s download and 0.37 Mb/s upload

the thing is, a few nights ago, it was downloading at <450kB/s and it wont get back to that speed

My setting are as follows:

Global Max Download Rate: Unlimited

Global Max Upload Rate: 18

Listen Port: 61212

Enabled NAT/Firewall Configuration in ICS/ICF

Disabled UPnP Port mapping (is i have the port forwarded)

Remove port on NAT/Firewall when exiting = enabled

add tag to new task...=enabled

disabled allocated disk space

add .bc! file = enabled

and so on with all them check boxes

Max concurrent downloading BT task number = 1

Max concurrent downloading HTTP/FTP task number = 10

Enabled DHT Network (and is green)

enable anti-leech = auto

Long-time seeding enabled on both

one last thing, my WAN is green showing the port is forwarded correctly.

please help me


x (teehee)

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Your Global Upload Rate should be set around 29kB/s (80% of tested upload); that could buy you some additional speed. But for the small number of seeds this torrent has, as opposed to the number of peers, I'm not sure if you can expect top speeds.

450kB/s is pretty much your max line capacity but the torrent, probably, had much more seeds at that point.

Just remember not to stop/delete your torrent task, when you finish downloading (visualize your frustration from right now :D ).

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