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Loosing Downloads


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Sorry for posting this originally in the New greetings section. I have just installed an upgrade of W7HP from VistaHP. I can choose a download and it begins to download. If I then disconnect from Bitcomet and switch off the computer, when I reconnect all my selected downloads have gone and I am faced with a blank screen. They show in the directory, but as 'unfinished' files. I did not have this problem with Vista. Any Ideas anyone?

Regards Bryan

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Tasks are stored in the "downloads.xml" file in the program directory, as modified by Virtual Storage.

If your task list disappears, it's because something prevented BitComet from writing this file last time you shut down, or from reading it when you restarted.

It's usually a permission problem. You'll need to find and fix this.

Copies of the torrents themselves should still be located in the /torrents subdirectory. You can use these to re-create your task lists. Add but don't start the torrents yet. Do a manual hash-check on them, and then resume the task. It should pick up from where it left off.

If you don't fix the problem, it will happen again next restart.

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Go and find the downloads.xml file.

Then check the permissions and adjust them so that BitComet, under the account it runs under, is allowed to read from and write to that file and to the directory which contains the file.

Free software like BitComet does have a downside: it requires some initiative from you, and certain basic computer knowledge. If you do not have the latter, you must use the former to go out and acquire the latter. The solution should be very obvious to you, from the description of the problem.

If you do not learn to understand and change file permissions, the issue will repeatedly haunt you throughout your computing life. Best to learn that now.

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@ dotonemanband: Don't quote previous post unless necessary. And especially don't quote entire posts!

You can find info related to downloads.xml by searching the BitComet Help Wiki - FAQ here.

That's the normal course of action when in trouble with any application: check the help documentation-->check the FAQ-->check forum discussions--post on the forum.

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