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Hi All ! another d-addicts fan here.


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Hi d-addict fans. I am new to downloading torrents and have the kdrama and jdrama ""fever". I was buying some copies and kept seeing "not for sale ! download free @ d-addicts.com". Well thru a lot of confusing reading and direct instruction from my son (I guess I don't have the download vocabulary yet). I figured out how to download and burn my 1st set of dvd's. I am using Bitcomet and convert2dvd. Can anyone teach me how to find torrents that have enough seeding to download quickly? How about info on some of these "torrentdownload" sites that say they have the torrent you have, and after joining at their low introductory rate, just to find it not there. My wife and I started watching Kdramas about 2 years ago and have watched over a hundred now (expensive hobby!) BUT we are spending QUALITY time with each other...

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In BitComet's left pane (Favorites, with Channel tab selected) under the parent favorite "folder" named Torrent sites you have about 14 torrent index sites. In fact they are of the most famous. Why not try them?

Just double-click any of them and it will open in your default web browser.

The links present on many index sites in the superior part of the search results page, are advertising links leading to another site (usually Usenet or HTTP download content providers). You shouldn't follow them. When you hover the cursor of the mouse over the weblink usually you can see the full link in the status bar of the browser, so, you can determine if it leads you to a different site.

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try this one out.

its free and when ya get used to it,..its a great site.

always be careful of what you do download.do virus scans and always read the comments on them for qaulity.and you,ll get used too who to download off.

Noir is one of my favs of the moment.but also FXG and FXM.plus AXXO just type them in the search pane for there torrents.

just click on the green arrow and download starts.simple,s.

have a good one,..byeeeeee 4 now..:)

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Download speed does not correlate to the number of seeds. You get the vast majority of your download from other leechers -- people just like yourself, who have not downloaded the full torrent themselves yet.

In bittorrent you don't just download. You download and upload at the same time. You get a piece, you give that piece to others. If you don't do this then other clients soon stop giving you any pieces. You've become an unreliable or poor trade partner.

You can test this by setting your global maximum upload rate to 1 KB/s. Fairly soon, your download rate will drop to zero and stay there. You'll have to reset your upload rate and quit/restart all of your tasks in order to rejoin the swarm as a new member.

Most of the time, but not always, you do want some seeds because that assures that the torrent will finish, but more seeds don't make the download faster than more leechers who have pieces that you do not.

You can do more for your speed by carefully monitoring your upload bandwidth for each individual task. Many people try to run far too many tasks at once, so no one of them gets enough bandwidth. For each of those starving tasks, you look like a lousy partner and so don't get offered better or faster or more reliable trades from other peers. Limit yourself to one downloading and one seeding task and see if your speed doesn't pick up dramatically.

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