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Task properties, web-seeding area related bug


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There seems to be a bug related to how the task properties window handles the web-seeding URLs.

Namely, if you load a task which has a web-seeding link and the URL for that link (due to its length) gets wrapped on 2 rows you can't dismiss the properties page by clicking any of the download buttons. Instead you are presented the Publisher tab with a tooltip over the web-seeding URL area, which says "Invalid HTTP URL".

The only workaround, at this point, seems to be resizing the window so that the URL rests on a single row.

More user reports about that here.

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I just got this bug also, and I feel I must add into this (to not confuse the devs), that it does not relate to web seeds at all.

It relates to HTTP transfers, or rather, the adding of long such links. For example a normal zip file on a webpage, downloaded from a web server via HTTP protocol.

"Web seeds" are HTTP transfers within a torrent swarm which comes from a server, thefore mixing the use of regular HTTP transfer from a server and the sharing of a torrent swarm to ease the load. Often used in distributing patches/clients for online games. The world of warcraft patcher is an example of this I think.

As such, web seeds do not relate to this bug :)

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This bug doesn't relate neither to web-seeds nor to HTTP transfers. It doesn't have anything to do with any transfer protocol or technology, for that matter.

If you read my previous post once more, you'll notice that I didn't mention at all web seeds. I mentioned web-seeding links (a.k.a URLs). That's because I was indicating at the same time both the trigger of the bug (long URLs) and the place where it occurs (the web-seeding URL area).

If you check you'll see that of all 3 places where you could have an URL in the task properties window, it is only when you put such a link in the web-seeding URL-area that it generates the bug's error.

So, this bug has to do, only with long URLs (wrapped on 2 rows) when they are found in the area for web-seeds.

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