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How to continue seeding..


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I use Bitcomet all the time when i download torrents. Sometimes though my harddrive gets full or i just need to organize some stuff in my pc so i'd need to transfer the files to a different drive/location. My real question is - is there a way to transfer the files i've downloaded to a different location and still be able to continue to seed it..?

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Yes, very easily.

When you load a torrent for the first time, via the menu or "open" icon (that is, not by drag-n-drop), you have the option to change the "download" location for this particular torrent. If you don't do that, it uses the default location.

When you're seeding, this "download" location changes meaning to "location where the data to be seeded is found". Unfortunately the label does not change, you just need to keep it in mind and keep your thinking straight about it.

You will need the torrent file itself again. You should still have it if you've followed the recommended procedure of always downloading .torrent files to a separate known location and keeping them until you're certain you won't need them again.

If you didn't do that, if you opened the torrent directly into BitComet, then before you do anything else you will need to find that torrent file in the /torrents subfolder of the program directory, and copy it to a known location. This is because you can't change the download directory of a task that has already been started once.

  1. Stop the task
  2. Delete the task (only)
  3. Move the download files to where you want them
  4. Load the .torrent file from where you saved it, but don't start the task.
  5. Point the download directory to where you moved the files. (This is tricky, you have to point to the directory which contains the directory you want. Practice it a couple of times, you'll get the hang of it.
  6. Right-click on the task and perform a manual hash check on the contents, to make certain that BC "sees" the files. This should take some few minutes, and then the % Downloaded column should indicate 100%. If it goes very quickly and indicates 0%, you're don't have the directory set to the right place (or the downloaded files aren't where you think they are. Go back to 5 again.)
  7. Start the task.

You are now seeding from the new location.

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If you're using a recent version of BC and the task is still in the tasklist all you have to do is:

  1. Stop the task;
  2. Right-click it and from the context menu choose Files Move To and the choose a new location.
  3. After the moving operation has ended restart the task; it hash-checks and picks up where it left.

Alternatively you can:

  1. stop the task;
  2. open its properties page and change the download folder. You will be presented with a dialog asking you if you wish to move the files;
  3. after moving has ended restart the task. It will hash-check and pick up where it left.

If the task is no longer in the tasklist you'll have to use the method kluelos gave you.

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