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Bitcomet V1.15 Problems


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Every time I try to close Bit Comet (V.1.15) in order to switch off my computer, a pop up message appears telling me that Bit comet has encountered problem and need to be closed. Though it is not a big deal as I was going to close it anyway, however the problem is that when I restart it, I always find that at least 2 GB of my total uploading are missing and my question is whether this problem is the reason for the missing 2 GB or there is something else, which I am not aware of?

Two GB per day is too much to loose if you know?

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I always check the statics and write down the numbers of total downloading and uploading to make sure that I am uploading more than what I am downloading, as I try to keep my ratio 3-1 if possible, however, when I switch off my computer and restart the Bitcomet next day the statics shows the number of the total uploading is (most of the times) at least 2 GB less than what it was in the previous day.

For example, if the Total uploading numbers today is 42.89 GB the statics will show only 39.42 GB tomorrow, can you explain to me how this could happen?

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One of the problems with doing that is that nobody knows what "total uploaded" means.

Much of your communication from BitComet involves negotiating with and communicating to other peers, without actually transferring blocks of files. Is that communication included in the "total"? You can make persuasive arguments for both sides, but nobody knows which is true.

Now much of the "total" is from previous sessions, and which previous sessions? When you turn on the computer, the total isn't zero, so it's clearly starting with some previous data. Where does that come from, and whenwhyhow?

Let's suppose (and this is just a guess) that this session starts with the previous session's totals. As you go along, THIS session's increments are added to the displayed number, and you see it, but when the session ends, only this session's numbers, exclusive of last session's numbers, are saved. Last session's numbers are just overwritten.

When you stopped at the end of this session, you were seeing last session's totals plus this session's increments. When you start the next session, you will be seeing the new last session's totals only.

That would account for what you are seeing.

There isn't much interest in the accuracy of this number, or even of clearly documenting it. You're the first I can recall even asking about it. Trackers which watch ratios, calculate it themselves, and it's futile to argue with most of them -- they have heard it all before.

Most people concern themselves with ratios on an individual torrent basis, (look after the molehills and the mountains will look after themselves), not least because there are settings to help you do this for single torrents, but nothing to help you watch the overall calculation. But if you keep a good ratio on each torrent, your overall ratio will be good too.

If you would just rather watch the totals, then I suggest you look solely at the comparison of the numbers at a given moment, without worrying about what those numbers actually are or how they're arrived at. If the ratio is 3:1 then you're laughing, no matter what the actual count was.

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First of all I would like to thank you for your prompt answers and apologies for not commenting earlier as I was upgrading my internet connection and had no access to the internet for the past 2 days.

Now to the subject;

I am not frenzy about numbers and static as it seems (though this was part of my job for over than 40 years as an economist) but there is a good reason for my concern about the total download/upload numbers.

Sometimes you download a file, which have very limited numbers of peers, and when there is no one single peer (leetcher) remains, then you can't seed this file anymore, which means it will remain uselessly in your hard disk for ever, so in order to gain back the space you have to delete it and seed another file for much longer time to compensate the loss in your ratio; but when you have several files common in this situation, then you need to consult your total downloading/uploading ratio to see if you are in the right track (well, I am frenzy about keeping my ratio to at least 3:1and that what I maintained in both U torrent and Bit torrent for years, and which I am still using them in my other computers and happy with both of them).

Now what is really happening is that when I end the session (as you call it) and check the static column, it shows: (for example)

Total download: 20.6 GB

Total upload : 50.8 GB

Then, when I start Bitcomet again (The new session) and check the static it shows:

Total download: 20.6 GB

Total upload : 48.5 GB

Where is the 2 something GB has gone?

Then again at the end of the day these totals will show: (for example)

Total download: 20.6 GB

Total upload : 51.1 GB

And next session will show:

Total download: 20.6 GB

Total upload : 49.0 GB

Your suggestion about negotiation and communication would be very acceptable if it involve few hundreds megabytes but to consume my all day uploading, then that doesn't make any sense, because it simply means I am not seeding at all.

You could have simply blamed my computer hardware instead of the program failure, or may be because the LT seeding (which usually get 80% of my upload) is not counted in the total upload, therefore the program just cancel it after the end of the session?! But if this is the case then I should limit my LT seeding or just remove it altogether.

I hope that I was clear enough this time and to tell you the truth, I will keep my worrying from now on towards the other torrent client and just go on with Bitcomet in the way it would handle it.

Thank you again for your time and have a great morning.

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