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High CPU Usage


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I have this problem, which I've been trying to solve for some time unsuccessfully and it still remains after I formatted and installed a fresh copy of MS Win.

Abit of background here.....


AMD Athlon 64

2 GB Ram


MSI 256 MB Graphics


1 TB External HDD

MS Win XP Pro SP2

Kaspersky IS 2010

I've been running multiple apps like MSN, FireFox, Bitcomet concurrently and there are no problems. Bitcomet files are being downloaded to the external HDD.

And then, my nitemare started.......

I had to format my PC as it was heavily infected with viruses and the same physical setup came back with 2 new additions

- 4 GB Ram in total

- Internal 320 GB SATA2 HDD

This time round, all bitcomet files are being saved to the new 320 GB HDD. When torrents are being added, my CPU usage becomes 100% throughout and just hangs the whole system. The only thing I can move is the mouse cursor. Can't even shut down the whole system properly. Else, the whole system is running fine with all other apps

I did the following but still can't solve this issue

- A full virus scan of the whole system and results are negative

- Check processes via Process Explorer and found that BC is hogging 100% CPU

- Memory is more than enough

- Upgraded my BIOS

- Switched SATA2 ports with the HDD

Any pointers or additional info that is required to solve this problem? I'm at my wits end already....

Btw, using BC 1.15 currently

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Yes..... but it's slightly better as it works for around 10 mins then I get the same results.

Something just came across my mind....

Any known issues with Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 (Build and Bitcomet 1.15?

Because before the formatting, I was on KIS 2010 (Build and Symantec AV....

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We've lately heard of a lot of issues with KIS, but nobody seems to have done any definitive tests. All of the functions of KIS can be duplicated with freeware. You can try disabling the various KIS functions, though you need to make sure that disabling actually does turn them off. (Not saying it doesn't, saying that you need to make sure.) Or you can uninstall KIS (to make sure it's disabled) and install the freeware. Remember never to connect to the internet without a working firewall, whichever way you go. The Windows built-in firewall is perfectly fine as long as it's active.

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Hi Kluelos,

Had a gut feel and just uninstalled KIS 2010 build Enabled Windows firewall and voila! BC is running smoothly again!

Had post this question to the folks at Kaspersky and now awaiting their reply..... If nothing can be done, then I would have to roll back to the prev build of KIS or source for alternatives

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This seems to be a childhood disease of KIS of which it hasn't rid itself, yet.

As you can see here, you are one among many others who complain of this behavior. What's worse, it seems to occur with other BT clients too.

But not on every machine, since there are users reporting happily using both BC or other BT clients and KIS.

It's up to KIS' dev team to figure this one out, I guess.

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