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how to resume download after formating the operating system


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how resume download after formatting the operating system

I was downloading 2 movies & during download the operating system fall down, i got a copy from the default folder of downloaded files (C:\Downloads),

then i go to set up a new operating system, after i've finished the setup, i get the copy of the 2 files in the C:\Downloads back to it's place, but i dont know how to continue my download.

thanks for any how can offer any help

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You need the .torrent file for each download. This has to be the exact same file, not just something with the same material, otherwise you'll have to start all over again. You'll need to remeber where you got the original torrent from, and go get it again. Saves trouble like this if you save torrents to disk somewhere, until you're absolutely sure you won't need them again.

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