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Bitcomet settings problem

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I'm having trouble with the task settings in bitcomet.

I have two files, both from The Pirate Bay. One downloads at 20kbs (and in fact, the last 5 files were 20kbs) and other downloaded at 450 (it's finished now) the only notifiable thing I have noticed between the files (other than the obvious seeding differeneces, although all the files were well seeded). Is the task settings, I 've got the link to the two different pictures notice that they both have the same trackers.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=14t63rp&s=4 - the one that works, and is fast with the settings enabled.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=rlaqsz&s=4 - the one that doesn't.

Im using version 1.15

I have an ADSL connection

Yes, my ports are forwarded on my HG520b Huawei router.

I have Vista, and I use avast

The torrent name is B********** and it's a bunch of rar files.

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It is.

TPB has been having problems with their trackers for over a month now. You're having connection problems with the public trackers too (10060 is a winsock error (q.g.) that is the same thing as a timeout.)

If DHT is also disabled for this torrent, then between that and the tracker errors it's not going anywhere.

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Ah, good to know it's not my end, I have been trying everything to try and get it working, I also thought it was my ISP restricting me until that download worked.

I assume that fast download was just luck then, I still don't understand why the settings are greyed out on the borderlands torrent and not the other, could it be because the one that downloaded fast is newer, and the settings are kept within the torrent file itself?

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From the looks of the screenshots, your second torrent (the one with slow speeds) has the "private" flag enabled. That is, the maker of the torrent has set it as "private" when s/he made it. That flag when set, disables all the options you see grayed out on the task properties page, hence your slow speeds.

S/he did that, most probably, unknowingly, since the trackers are not private and the option was neither required nor recommended in this case. Unlike the public trackers the users of the private trackers are compelled to seed in order to maintain a certain share ratio so, you usually get pretty high speeds even if all those other options for the task are disabled. That is not the case with the public torrents. So a torrent set as "private" and uploaded on public tracker(s) is a bad idea.

The bad news is that you can't do much about it. You could, at best, try to find another torrent with the same content if you wish higher speeds.

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