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Blocked Listen Ports

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Having multiple firewalls like this is going to give you management headaches without increasing your security. Everything you do to one of them, you must do to all of them or it won't work. McAfee places the entire burden on you, to determine whether something is malware or not. You probably don't know, but get tired of it asking.

I recommend you uninstall it. Just use the built-in Windows firewall, and enable ICF in your BitComet preferences, so it will be automatically configured for you.

Then all you'll have to worry about is the router's firewall.

"Stealth" means that a port which is closed will not respond in any way. An unstealthed port might respond, "this port is closed!" If I probe a stealthed port, then I can't really tell whether there is a port there which is closed, or there is nothing there at all. Think of a submarine, running silently in order to seem like it's not there at all.

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