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why cant i seed?

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running vista

bitcomet 0.98

road runner high speed internet

i use bit comet 24/7, its always on and i want to seed. once it downloads i see that iam uploading(thus seeding). but i like to "delete task"

once i do that it seems that iam no longer seeding what i still have on my external HD?

what do i need to do to still seed but not have a huge "downloaded"list?

since i have 300gigs on my HD id like to seed how do i set that up aswell?

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Hello, as long as you delete the a task from the tasklist, BitComet will stop uploading uploading that file.

I suggest you add tag for each task, and check the tasks by clicking the left-hand task tag, only tasks of that category will display in right-hand tasklist.

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Bittorrent does not use the "shared" directory concept that other P2P protocols embrace. Instead, anything that you wish to share must be an active seeding task.

Seeding uses up your upstream bandwidth. This is usually very limited for most home connections, so you won't usually want to have many torrents seeding at once. You need to keep an eye on the upstream speed for each task. If any one task isn't getting enough bandwidth, then you have too many tasks.

If the torrent is active -- there are peers trying to download it at the time -- then you should give that task at least a third of your upstream bandwidth. Most people can't usually run more than one download and one seed task at a time. If you're not downloading at all, then try running two seeding tasks, but watch the bandwidth. You might be able to add a third, you might not be able to support two. If you can't seed at least 8 KB/s, then you probably shouldn't bother.

If the torrent is not active -- you're trying to keep it alive, but there are no other peers right now -- then this isn't going to use your bandwidth until a peer does join the swarm and starts downloading. There's no penalty to keeping these around.

If you are seeding competitively -- trying to build up your ratio on a membership tracker, on a torrent where there are 20 other seeders all looking for a downloader -- then your bandwidth for this task needs to be as high as it can possibly be so that peers will choose you (instead of those 20 others) to download from, thus boosting your ratio.

Only if you have a lot of inactive torrents that you are preserving, should you ever have a list of active tasks that is very long.

When a task is finished, you need not delete the torrent file as you delete the task. If you still have it, then you can resume seeding at a later time -- seed one torrent up to 2:1, delete that task, open this older torrent as a seeding task, seed IT up to 2:1, and so on.

THere are those who like to keep all of their old, stopped tasks in the task list, though I'm not sure why.

But there's no way to seed and not have an active task doing the seeding -- even if it is not actually uploading to someone right now.

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