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Word Translator troubles ?


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Hi everybody,

The 'Auto-detect' from 'Word Translator' don't work anymore. I can't translate any word or sentences anymore.

All the settings in 'Translator settings' seems to be good.

Who can tell me the way to solve this trouble ?

Thanks for reading me !

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I don't think anyone can figure out what you're talking about. Is 'Word Translator" an extension that you installed?

"Word Translator and Notes

ComeBird has built-in word translator and Comet notes. you will not need to look up for every word, hover your mouse over a word and CometBird will translate into your subject language. Comet notes even help you remember and manage your schedule easily."

This text comes from the homepage of Cometbird, www.cometbird.com

You can check at the bottom of your Internet page, you have a magnifying glass with 'A' in capital letter. ;)

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I don't use ComeetBird myself.

Firefox has several translator add-ons that work as you describe. They all require contact with a server that supplies the actual translation.

Some of us have been watching computer-based translation for a long time, and we're convinced that it's nearly worthless, has a very long way to go, and not just in word/word translation but in approach. Even this crude approximation of translation is a bit too ambitious for a plugin. There's a full-blown application called Babylon that tries to do this. (And fails). It requires installation of language packs for each one you want to translate.

However, if the translation software cannot reach the server, then it cannot do translations. This is part of the approach failure I mentioned. The software needs to be telling you this, not leaving you at a point where you have to go to a forum to ask why it just stopped working. It needs to tell you when it has no translation for a word, instead of just echoing the word back to you.

Evidently, when the passport server went down, so did the translation server -- if they are not indeed one and the same machine. It/they may be back online anytime, but I have no information on this.

Hopefully these issues will be corrected and the translator software will start to COMMUNICATE with its users.

It would be a welcome change, and possibly a first.

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