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BitComet 1.16 RAM (Memory) Issue

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I have BitComet V1.16 and I start my downloads before I go to school, so around 8AM, then when I get home, around 3PM, my computer is sorta unresponsive, when I say that I mean my mouse moves very slowly, lags and jumps, and meaning my jumps I mean I will move it a little bit, but it wont move, then the next thing you know it is where you want it to be, but it does not move there is just appears there. These are my Current PC Specs

Windows Vista Home Premium x86

Processor: AMD Athlon­­™ 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ 2.30Ghz

RAM: 4GB (Max for 32 bit)

Nvidia 512MB

AVG Pro 9.0.707 (I know it is not that cause I think v1.14 of BitComet did not do this)

I am not running anything while I am at school but BitComet. As I said in the above statement, I know it is none of my PC Specs or the AVG because I am pretty sure v1.14 did not do this, 1.15 did, just not as bad as it does now. I have added a picture of how much RAM (Memory) BitComet Uses.


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Do you by any chance have Nvidia firewall installed?

Besides, I can see from the screenshot, that your CPU usage is at 100% while the memory is at 56%. The sluggish behavior is rather caused by the high CPU load than by the memory.

So, apart from the sidebar process which is shamelessly using 28% of your CPU (which is a huge amount, on a 4400+ dual core CPU), the question is who is using the rest of the CPU percentage up to 100%?

That's what your screenshot should have showed.

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Those columns are sortable. If you click on the CPU column, the list will be sorted by most CPU usage. If you click on it again, you get a reverse-sort. Same for memory usage, same for image name. But you may want to pick up Process Explorer from Sysinternals.com as a superior alternative to Task Manager.

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