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download slow Upload fast

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I am new to this so try to understand I may not be asking the questions correctly.

1. I installed the newest version 1.16 stable release

2. 3mb DL and 768 up (ADSL)

3) Dlink 624 router and Fixed IP? Have you forwarded your port? do not know

4) Windows7 64 bit, windows firewall and Antivirus Nod32?

5) I am downloading xyz.iso

6) I am getting .632mb up and 2.5mb down. what settings?

The upload number are higher than download and it has taken 2.5 days to get 89% of a 4 gig file. Seems really slow to me. I can usually dowload very fast, I downloaded (some file of the same size) a few months ago in less than an hour.

Could it be that not many seeds are feeding the file? I only have 4 to 6 green faces at any time.

You needn't give give the kind of info I've edited out, unless asked to do that. It's for your own good. Be smart about it.

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Indeed they, do. That doesn't mean that the software they provide isn't protected by copyright laws.

The number of seeds/peers is indicated in the Seed/Peer column of the Task View pane of BitComet. There may be many peers/seeds available and still many of them may refuse to connect to you due to your small upload speeds. You need to make sure that your upload speed is capped to 80% of your tested upload speed and not to run several tasks at the same time as they all split the bandwidth.

As for your forwarding problem, you need to have an open listening port (among other things), in order to get maximum download speeds.

That is normally indicated by a green light in the status bar of BitComet. If it is green you may have been a lucky guy and automatic UPnP port forwarding may have succeeded.

If your port is not open, you'll need to open and forward it in your router. Also you'll need to make sure that your listen port is open in your software firewall. Instructions for that you'll find here:

Add Port Mapping in NAT Router

Create Firewall Rules

How to Set up Portforwarding & Static IP

Also check this Up to date BitComet Speed Guide and make sure that you set your upload speed accordingly.

Should you have any questions along the way, come back here, let us know what you did so far and ask for clarifications.

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You should also be aware that the number of seeders does not determine the download speed of a torrent.

You get the vast majority of pieces from other peers, and not from seeders in a typical torrent, so they're more important to you than the count of seeders.

Most clients while seeding won't give two pieces to the same peer in sequence, so will look for somebody else to give a piece to first, and some will even delay for a while before giving a second to the same peer. They resist being "captured" by a single peer, even if there aren't any others.

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