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Please please please HELP!!

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hi, ive had bitcomet for a little bit now and have had no problem downloading bt its been takin me days just for a cd album.. i am now downloading a much bigger file and the speeds are so low.. i just noticed a yellow circle at the bottom of the bit comet screen and when i hovered my mouse over it, it says : Your listen port is blocked. You can still download but the speed may not be very fast. Please check your firewall or NAT Router configorations.

i dont know what to do now or where to start so if anyone can help it would be very appriciated.. its taken my 2 days to get onto 2% on a download.

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Dear Friend,

i have been using the vr. 1.15 for the last 2monts now and i have the same sign on my pc left hand menu bar while downloading the files but it has not hamperred my downloadin in anyway as i scanned all the good torrents for english & hindi movies .......i have saved the links in excel for further reference....which sites r u useing 2download & which is the movie which is taking so much time.......pl. write back 2me ....hope i can help u.....

there are a lot of torrents which r fake and also carry virus in them....i have installed 3 antivirus softwares 2out class these torrents & have been able 2block them from my pc.....

u can find me also on facebook - sanjay_g_gupta@yahoo.co.in

regards [attachment removed by Mod.]

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@sanjaygupta: We'd really appreciate it if you removed the image from your sig. Huge images like that are pointless, burdensome to others and just get you disliked/blocked.

@chelsluvsray: We speak at length about this in the FAQ, and in the Guides and Tutorials forum. Read there to learn this and much else besides. It is a good idea to always look around and read, before asking questions that have already been answered at length elsewhere.

When you have a question, please do not post it more than once.

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