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internet connection crashes


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I,m having problem with the intenet connection.

It seems to crash all the time and it's not just lokal it's every computer

that drops out when i start downloading more then one torrent. when i,m closing down bitcomet and restart the router everything works again.

But after a while it crashes again.

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What router model do you have?

It seems that your router might be one of those which can't handle many simultaneous connections.

Try limiting the maximum number of connections in Options-->Advanced and see if that helps. Set it to 100 and if it still crashes go down to 50 or even 30.

If that still doesn't fix it you might want to change your router or trade it with another which doesn't have this problem.

Nevertheless, you might try a firmware update first; maybe the problem is in the soft and that fixes it.

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thanks trying to help me.

i do not now witsh one to manage i,v mad a copy of the router witsh one is there that i chould fix.

the router is DI-624+

These are the Wireless Performance features for the AP(Access Point) Portion.

Beacon interval (msec, range:1~1000, default:100)

RTS Threshold : (range: 256~2432, default:2432)

Fragmentation : (range: 256~2346, default:2346, even number only)

DTIM interval : (range: 1~255, default:3)

TX Rates : Auto125.5691112182224364854 (Mbps)

Wireless Mode : mixed mode G mode

SSID broadcast : Enabled Disabled

Power Control : Auto lowest low medium high highest

Speed Enhanced Mode : Enabled Disabled

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As you can see a simple search returns lots of complaints about connection problems with the DI-624+ model:





I'm assuming that you are using wireless to connect to your router.

If that's true, just to test, try and connect one of the computers to the router with a patch-cord cable and leave it running for a day or two with BT transfers in progress and disable the wireless module or if that's not possible just disconnect the rest of computers from wireless in order to avoid using it. See if you get the same behavior.

The options for limiting the number of connections are in BitComet not in your router. Go to Options-->Advanced and tweak the network.max_connections setting. But do this only after performing the above tests in order to be able to separate the results from each other.

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joakim, you'll need to check the firmware version and see if there is an update available for your revision of the router. If there is, you'll need to upgrade. (Make sure you do this with a wired connection, even if that's a pain to do.) Test it to see if the fix solves the crashing problem.

If that doesn't solve the problem, see if you can swap with someone else who has a router but doesn't use P2P. It appears that this router cannot handle the large number of connections that a P2P application makes, and when there are too many, the router crashes. It probably won't matter whether the computer running the application is connected wirelessly or not.

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