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Gray light (Problems)


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I forwarded my listen port and checked it with pfportchecker and got a green light (port open). I tried for ages so i was very happy, and expected a green light when i started bitcomet. I got a grey light (unknown).

I dont know why i dont get a green light after my listen port is wide open so i came here for advice. Do you think it's some settings with bitcomet or something?

with my old router (jensen skandinavia) i forwarded the port and got a green light.

anyways my router is called zYxel p-2602hwt-f3. But i dont know.. my port is open so i dont think it's the router?

Get back to me, cheers joey.

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No, it's not.

When you start BitComet, it sends a request to a server, telling it your chosen listen port and asking the server to send a probe to that port. BitComet then listens for the probe.

  • If the probe gets through, then the port isn't blocked, so BitComet shows a green light
  • If the probe never arrives, then the listen port is blocked, so BitComet shows a yellow light.
  • If BitComet cannot reach the server for any reason (including that the server is down, as it is now), then the listen port status is unknown, so BitComet shows a grey light.

The light's color is an indicator. It is not the final word. The final word is whether other peers can connect to you. Look at a torrent's PEERS tab, under the INITIATION column. If any of the peers, on any torrents, show that the initiation was REMOTE, then that peer contacted you. Your firewall port is open. All is well.

You can also visit www.canyouseeme.org, and test your listen port with BitComet running. Any answer other than "I can see your service on port ######" means something is blocking your listen port.

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