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Bitcomet blog banning problems


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Hello, I'm a bitcomet blog user for about 9 months. Because in bitcomet blog development team never actually answer any of my questions, I post here my problem. I wanna know who is in charge of banning post and to whom I can address to banning problems. I created post there, simple ranking table with my friends links and rankings. Today post was banned. Post does not contain any link outside bitcomet blog, does not contain any offensive material (as far I know, I mean is simple ranking table). I want to know whom i can address complain (with possible reply).


Post link is:

Ranking table

Update on my problem:

Isn't it a bit strange that my ranking table emerges nearly a 10 minutes from my ban, can't thing that is fault play...

Ranking table

And i know for sure is copied (pretty bad by the way), because I only created ranking table with Name at last column. 2 rank table delete (Koyotee) and one is created at same time..... Can't think any other than fault play

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The blogs are down while the server is being moved. If that is related to your issue, then they'll be back shortly.

If it isn't, we don't really understand what you're writing about. We also don't know anything about the blogs.

We are not the blog administrators, and this is really the wrong place to post messages about it. Those administrators, whoever they are, don't read or participate in this forum. Most of us here are unpaid volunteers supporting the BitComet bittorrent client, and have no connection to the BitComet organization at all.

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Ok, let me translate to you so you understand. Question was who is in charge of Bitcomet blog and where to write complain. I know you are not blog administrators and that you do bitcomet client related question. I don't think I write post to wrong place, after all this is general Question forum. And second, blog carry your name, its not like is called yahoo blog.

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We do not have an email address or other means of direct communication with the development team from China.

The only two persons which could have such info are sophia (which is the official liaison with the develompment team) and gavin who occasionally visits this forum and is part of the team.

When any of them will enter the forum and review your post, maybe they'll be able to supply you with more details, if available.

But the thing is that, now, there is a new blog site in beta-testing, which will be released soon. Furthermore, seemingly, all of the Comet servers are being relocated and totally separated from the tocomet.com site.

So, I doubt that the administrators from the dev team are overseeing the old blog site anymore, at this point, since they're being so busy.

But as I said, maybe any of the 2 admins I've mentioned above, will give you more info on that.

Or you could try using the contact page on the BitComet site.

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