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windows 7 trouble keeping stable enviroment


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I am using version .70 i have tried the others with the same resut so i juxt stuck with .70 I like it. i am using windows 7 32bit 4gb ram 2.4 core2duo with 3.5MBit connection thru cable with 1 router. I have been using bit comet for about 4 or more years now without any problems until now.

What is happening is, when i start the program and have no torrents active bitcomet will show on the top bar active traffic in and out sometimes upto 200kb. during this it also loads up the processors to about 50% according to the task manager gauge. [i open task manager and click on processes, highlight bitcomet to see its processor usage and load] When this happens my entire pc and bitcomet become unstable and unusable. The only way to stop the problem is to either close bitcomet or halt all iternet traffic thru the firewall. if i lock the firewall the traffic comes to a halt and then everythings fine. When i release the firewall and use bitcomet after that it will work ok for a little while then the problem starts again. There are times when i dont have any problem at all after the first initial startup and problem. once i get the program to act like it should it will stay stable. That is until i close and restart the program. So i try not to have to unless i reboot my entire computer.

Thank you for the help and i hope we can solve this little issue im having. I really like bitcomet. It happens to have more user friendly features then any other client out there.


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It's pretty obvious that things have changed. The question is, has something else besides your OS changed? I still prefer 0.70 myself, as it's much stabler than anything since. It's never done what you describe to me, though.

First, see if a task manager replacement called Process Explorer, from Sysinternals, will give you info without freezing. This should at least let you see what's going on.

If you let BitComet run awhile, does the network activity eventually die down, or does it stay at that level? When BC starts, it tries to load some web pages from the BC servers -- stuff like the favorites list -- and those servers are in the process of being moved right now. That's one issue. BC also checks for an update to itself, so ditto and ditto. BitComet also tries to connect, via UDP, to the DHT network. That can be affected by not having your firewall settings right for it.

None of this should cause a great deal of network traffic, nor a heavy processor load. I'd suggest that you try a complete wipe and reinstall of 0.70 to see if that takes care of the issue. This would mean losing anything that's in process, so finish that or back it up first.

Finally, and because it's always worthwhile, do a malware and virus scan in case you picked something up in the meantime.

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Wow your spoiling me with the process explorer. i had a dual boot system until my xp64 tooka nose dive on me a couple months ago and i decided to not install the backup so i can test out win7 more. i do miss those things i had on it.


Thanks for the app its much needed. Belw is the dump on BC when it was loaded up taking half my processor load. i did a little extra test i started the .70 win9x version to see if i got any changes and i didnt. the thing is when i first started using BC with win7 it worked as smooth as ever. [ yes i agree 70 is as stable as BC gets and the new vesion just don't cut it. it like you lose what BC is with them] the trouble started 2 weeks ago. after runnng the process exp. i found that there is almost no net traffic although it states there is. i ran a new broswer with no torrents in it at all. you mentioned that it grabs stuff from its servers when its started up. i have my favorites unchecked as well as the update check is also unchecked. I do find it strange that when i lock up the firewall so theres no internet traffic at all that the problem stops. the only net traffic to speak of is old torrent traffic still seeking seeds and its just a few at most. i had run a complete re-install nefore i worte in about it just incase it was something of that nature.

The only real changes i have made are the ones that run daily. as you also mention virus and malware i run a check for both daily with avg8.5 and also use super anti-spyware about 2 or 3 times a month. im sure you know some torrents a found to be made by people who get a kick out of trashing others and since most people stay off the sites with massive malware now due to better equiped browsers doing the scanning before hand i still dont take any chances. There was a time on the internet when a warez site was popup ad free and astually had what you were looking for first search even. now its like a jungle of traps and only pigons and newbies get lost in them. im getting off subject. well im going to look thru this alittle more tommorrow its late now. thanks again for the app and thats the dump like i said of BC at its peak load of the processors. it does eventually die down. but not for a long time and even then it jumps back up. Its like its reaching for something that it can't get to thats not there or knocking ona door that wont open so its trying to force its way into. thats awrotten anology but i'm still at aloss for words.

until next time



all typos are apologized for its late im tired...


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Try disabling DHT and LT Seeding (in case any of them is enabled). See if you can tell a difference.

If you do, enable them one at a time and run it like that for a while (a day or two) to spot out if any of them gives you this trouble.

When running only with LT Seeding enabled, change in Options-->Advanced the protocol type for LT Seeding to TCP only.

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Well, Olin, a suggestion would be to remove all the tasks from BC (you can export them first if you want to save them) so that the tasklist is empty. Then with DHT still disabled, check with your firewall or a third-party program, to see the whole list of IPs to which BitComet is connected during these periods of intense activity.

Hopefully, at least, you'll be able to figure out what is it trying to do in that moments.

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Hi again,

I guess i didnt mention it before in a earlier reply. I have opened BC with no torrents in it and looked at the firewall. its not trying to connect to any ip at all. thats why im so buggered about this. it says it has inbound and outbound traffic yet there is none and its not trying to connect to anything. and when i lock the firewall up the problem slowly stops. [when the traffic reachs zero so does the problem dissapear] i have looked at this everyway possible i personally think its a windows 7 issue and not a bc issue. I have been using win 7 for months now along with XP everything was fine uptrhu a few weeks ago.

Im going outsie the box and looking at this from a different point now. I have 1 update[ win7] that wont install properly. it has retired 2 seperate times. even though its only 1 update it may lead to other problems. reinstalling a operating system on a fresh drive is pretty for me. I keep my operating system on a seperate drive from everything else. having everything on one drive can be costly. so i made backups. BUT that wont answer whats going on or fix it properly it only sets it up to happen again, and i would rather fis it then roll everything back. my biggest problem with win 7 is the permissions system thats in the operating system now. its a complete piece of junk IMO. i have set everything to special hoping it might even be a permission prblem, which is what i had witha different application.

Any idea might be worth a try


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It is most unusual to have BC reporting traffic when there is none at all. I'm inclined to believe that there is actually some traffic after all.

Usually this is overhead traffic, but 200KB seems much.

If not, then this would be a bug.

What firewall are you using? Please post all the specs from here.

Can you post a screenshot of the connections window of your firewall, with BitComet in sight, taken at a moment when there is network activity reported in BitComet (floating window or titlebar)?

Have you checked with other third-party applications for network traffic at those moments? Such as Task Manager or NetMeter or another application which can measure network traffic?

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I will get the info you are asking for. it wont take to long. Just wanted to write back to you about net traffic. I usually have task manager open at all times but minimized on the TaskBar. I have personal use's for it. pretty handy for many different reasons. But ya i dod test BC as the only app allowed to have traffic in or out. Not to be rude but i need to ask if you read the post that "kluelos" wrote and mine after it? or did you jump into the conversation from the last reply at the time? in the conversation i had with "kluelos" I was given a link to get a extra application i have used before but was lost in a OS crash sometime ago. the application is called "Process Explorer, from Sysinternals" I will use that again to send you the traffic log of BC when the problem is active. Which as i said before about 20 seconds after starting BC. It lasts until i lock up the system from any traffic.My C/Modem is a motorola. as soon as i get the traffic info i will edit this reply or start a new one. Thanks for hanging in this with me.


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I did read through this whole topic; every time a new post was added.

In fact I do that with almost every topic, since I usually review several a day, and I can't possibly remember all the things that every single one of them contains.

You said this in your reply to kluelos:

after runnng the process exp. i found that there is almost no net traffic although it states there is.

This looked confusing to me at that time, for a couple of reasons, so I chose to ignore it.

  1. For one thing, you said "although it states there is", which in the context translates as: Process Explorer states there is traffic but after running Process Explorer I found out that there is almost no network traffic. It doesn't make very much sense, does it?
    So, I deducted that you were in fact speaking about BitComet reporting traffic and Process Explorer contradicting that.
  2. The second thing is that I've been using Process Explorer for many years now, but I'm not aware that it does measure network traffic, in any way. So, please tell me how and where did you monitor network traffic in Process Explorer; this would be of great interest to me, too.
    But, AFAIK others are still asking for this feature, yet. So if you did find a network monitoring feature in PE let me know where. ;)

I hope you do understand now, why I ignored your other post. That's why I recommended you to check it with some application which I knew for sure that it had network monitoring implemented.

Besides, it is always safer to check with several applications.

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OK that makes sense, its not the first time i have hve left something out that ended up pointing the other way. what i had meant to say was, even though it showed almost no traffic, BC said there was.

After running Netlimiter that gets info from ots own network driver, theres a whole lot traffic waiting to happen.

i watched as it climbed up over 3000 outbound connections. i let it go for a few minutes. up to as much as 3500+ and as low as 300k. Up and down. This test was done by taking the BC.exe by itself and dropping it into a new folder and starting it. Just the one item in a folder. after starting it created 2 more [bitcomet and lang_en_us] no torrents. i attached a few screen shots[http://www.megaupload.com/?d=18PZDY81] with this reply along with the 2 files it made. The password to open it in your PM box. Thanks for the continued help with this.


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