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Can't connect to any torrent sites


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Hi to all:

I am a new member and I have just one burning question. I realize that the servers are moving, according to the latest announcement, but I can't understand why I can't connect to any torrent sites, such as BT Junkie, Mininova, Pirate Bay (torrent sites listed on the left side of Bit Torrent application). I have a 30mb/s download broadband connection, yet I can't connect to download anything.

Any help/comment is appreciated. Thank you ...


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The Pirate Bay took their tracker down and are now using DHT and magnet links, except for those torrents also listed on their trackers. This was announced on their system news.

Mininova has removed all of infringing torrents, as they announced on their system news.

You should take the time to read the news.

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