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not downloading properly

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:blink: i'm trying to download some video files thru bitcomet. usually, i go to a site, pick out a juicy torrent and hit download. then a sweet little box pops ups and asks me if i want to open the file. I say yes to the box, and the are your sure abouth that box that my spyware asks me, and bitcomet takes it from there. i'm trying to download richard pryor and when i hit the open download, it sends it straight to my media player. This is happened like 5 times. i need my 70s stand up! what's going on here? is this associated with the server move? the download is being sent to media player and not thru bitcomet. i dont get get it. please help.

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Read this before posting and provide all the info within. If you fail to comply to this we can't help you.

i'm trying to download xyz - name of download

We're not interested in the name of your downloads. But it would greatly help if you stated what type of content are you trying to download (torrent, HTTP, stream etc).

...and when i hit the open download, it sends it straight to my media player.

I have absolutely no idea of which "open download" you speak; nor how you hit it. I hope you don't bang your head against the screen; it isn't supposed to work that way. ;)

Try using more specific and intelligible descriptions.

is this associated with the server move?

This is, as well, klingonian to me.

i dont get get it.

Neither do we get you, really.

please help.

You help us first. B)

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ok... (deep breath)here goes..

i hit download off of a torrent site for a richard pryor movie. A little file download option window pops up.It asks me if i want to open or save this file. the name of it is live.at.the.sunset.bunch of numbers in this section.TPB.torrent, so i press open and it tries to open the torrent file directly to my windows media player from the torrent website.does this help?

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This is a windows problem, and not a BitComet problem.

You should read up on the idea of "file association", the mechanism that Windows uses to decide which application to use in order to open a particular type of file.

Normally, Windows should associate .torrent files with your bittorrent client of choice. That was done at client installation. Someone or something changed that association, to associate .torrent files with Media Player. That's incorrect and of course, won't work.

File associations are one of those fundamental things you have to understand, or it will come back to plague you over and over again for as long as you use Windows computers.

You can try using BitComet's settings to change this one association back. How you do that depends on which version of the client you have, but you have not told us which you have, despite a notice ("READ BEFORE POSTING") that you needed to do so, and despite Wiz' specific request earlier, that you do so.

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