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adding extra torrent sites to favorites bit comet 1.15


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First of all, the Favorite panel is meant at present time, as a "BitComet's favorite" choice of sites not as a user's favorites zone. That is, it is not meant to be modified by the user. I'm not arguing if it's good or bad, I'm just telling you how it is now.

However, it's your God given right to mess with anything in your computer and there is nothing wrong with that. Except you should try and make sure you understand what you're doing (a.k.a. learn some basics) first.

I have tried to add data to the fav_en_us file, but to no avail& Win 7 says access denied when trying to save through notepad.

That is a Windows message, not a BitComet one. It is telling you that you do not have writing permissions on that file/folder. It is not BitComet's job to read your mind and edit file/folder permissions system-wide for you.

And since you didn't figure out that by yourself, I think you're better off leaving things as they are for now.

Or try to learn about how Windows works first.

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You also need to understand that any modifications you DO make to this file will not be preserved. Next time BitComet updates the file, your changes will be wiped out and overwritten.

This file is not meant to preserver your own favorites.

Use your normal web browser, and bookmark your favorites in it, for this purpose. It's not necessary to use the included browser at all, and since it's an older version, not necessarily a good idea.

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Uh... which part of my previous message brought you to that conclusion?

i just read what u said again grey wizard...

Well, you certainly can manage reading but you didn't really understand what I was telling you, did you? Especially since you read it twice.

So, unless you have anything more to add add or ask on the topic at hand, refrain from posting your spiritual quintessence here.

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You seem to be like a pitbull with a Frisbee. He doesn't know what or why is it following but it just can't let go.

Or even worse; like a bull charging the red rag.

Buddy, this is not a corrida. And even if it was, you chose to play the least fortunate role in it.

The Forum Rules, which you chose to abide when you joined this forum, explicitly forbid foul language.

Since it was addressed to me, I chose to indulge you and let it slide, so that you won't be able to say that I banned you out of vengeance.

But this reasoning seems to be beyond your level of comprehension and you appear to be one of those guys who mistake other people's tolerance with weakness.

This is already your third strike; one more and you're out.

You have been warned.

Since you obviously have nothing useful to add here anymore, and your question has been answered, this topic is closed.

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