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Missing stats and info on v1.16


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Hi there. I've been using the latest 1.16 version of bitcomet on a few systems, and in one in particular I noticed that the comment tab shows up blank even though it has comments.

Also, on summary tab, when hovering the cursor over the download speed graphic, it stopped showing both my speed and peers speeds.

It is a clean install but the weird thing is that on the other pcs they were upgraded and show neither one of these issues.

OS: Win7 Ultimate x86

Antivirus/Firewall: Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Connection: ADSL over router

Suggestions as to why this might be happening are highly appreciated.


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Oh :) Sorry, wasn't following what he meant. I really begin to wonder if this latest version is as bug free as I expect. Besides the issues I mentioned in my previous post, now another machine is having a different issue, when I have a task selected it just doesn't update at all, unless I deselect or select another task. This is very annoying as the info on the columns is very useful.

What really amazes me is that on both computers there was no change in hardware, software or config of any sort.

Please, I'm really out of ideas of what this might be.

As always, thanks in advance

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Yeah, this was an issue (but only with the window not-maximized) in one of the previous versions. Right now it looks fixed under XP at least.

Try the current beta, see if it makes that go away. If not, report it back so that the team may take notice on that.

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