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holding less seeds for a given torrent when compared to utorrrent

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good evening administrator,,i use bitcomet regularly,,few days back i installed utorrent 2 beta version just for testing purpose as my frend forced me to use it,,i used it for 3days,,after using it what i observed is that utorrent is capable of grasping more number of seeds when compared to bitcomet(i used 1.16 version),but regarding download speed bitcomet is faster than utorrent,,

utorrent holding more seeds for any torrent link i used for testing purpose,,

cant we make bitcomet to hold more seeds for a given torrent,,???

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The number of displayed peers is a different thing from the number of peers you connect. Your client, usually is never going to connect to more than a few tens of peers at a time, at best.

They usually quickly end up, pretty much saturating your bandwidth.

So, it's not going to make any difference to you if you see available 700 or 4500 peers. You will never be connected to all of them.

Furthermore, it is known that the numbers you see displayed are relative. That is because between the moments when your client polls the tracker(s), DHT network or other peers through PEX there is a interval of time when he is not really aware of the situation of the swarm.

In that interval, other peers are all the time leaving/joining the swarm, so the real number actually fluctuates all the time.

The difference you saw, might come also from the fact that uTorrent uses a PEX implementation which is compatible BitTorrent wise with several other clients (Mainline, libtorrent and all the clients based on it, Ktorrent, Azureus, etc.) while BitComet's implementation of PEX still uses a proprietary extension which limits it only to BitComet peers obtained through PEX.

The good news is that BC seems to have implemented (if I understood well) the BitTorrent Extension protocol as of v.1.17, which should make it relatively easy to implement a PEX extension compatible with the clients I've mentioned above (should the developers choose to do so).

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wow,,thanks for the reply,,,now i am using 1.17 beta version,,its really good,,no bugs till now,,cant wait for 1.17 final version,,waiting for the release,,i think bitcomet 1.17 will be released after cometbird 3.6 released,,anyhow bitcomet always rockzzzz,,its excellent,,,thank you

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