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Cometbird crashed and now won't open

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I've loved Cometbird ever since I first downloaded it months ago. Yesterday I added lots of new add-ons and it worked fine. The last thing that I did was to disable and uninstall Glydo. Now Cometbird won't open at all.

It tries to open, but just keep trying. My cursor is an hourglass within the Cometbird window. I'm running 3.5.5 (I don't remember when I last updated it)

I checked the Cometbird folder for what has been modified recently. Most files are marked Nov. 9, 2009 (probably when I last updated). Only two things are marked with today's date - the Cometbird.log, which is empty. And the extensions folder (but no files within the folder!) There are no files marked as changed since Nov. 9, even the booksmarks file.

I have been playing with Google Chrome today. I notice that there is a folder in the Cometbird folder called "chrome" but it is still dated Nov. 9, 2009.

Do I have to reinstall? - and, I assume, losing all my add-ons? and maybe all my bookmarks? or is it clever enough to keep the add-ons and the bookmarks?


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I would first check the profile folders.

Delete the cache under %User_Profile%\Local Settings\App_Data\Mozilla...

Then you could backup and delete, one at a time, the folders and files from %User_Profile%\App_Data\Mozilla... under your current profile until it starts up (if it does).

It's rather primitive but maybe it will save you from a reinstall.

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Thank you greywizard and kluelos.

Cometbird is all fixed now!!!

I searched for logs on my system and there were LOTS. Then I deleted the cache files in Mozilla Firefox. and used Disk Cleanup. that didn't help. But as I was searching for the Cometbird installer program, I found a Cometbird (Safe Mode) shortcut!!! I used that.

This time it opened, along with LOTS of tabs - - all of which were loading. I tried closing them, but they seemed endless. I did find that I could open a page okay. I found that I had a context menu item for Closing all other tabs and used it. It reported that I had 398 tabs open!!!!! and the menu item closed them all.

Yay. and now Cometbird is back to normal.

Thank you both for your suggestions.

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