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Bitcomet freezes after 5 minutes - Win7 - V 1.16


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My Version is 1.16, My internet connection is wlan(I have laptop) and firewall is "Norman Virus Controll"...

I started using Bitcomet over 2 years ago with Vista there was no problems at all with it, it was fast and easy to use. But now I put Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit(Copy) to my computer and problems started. There is now problem with Bitcomet and also same problem with Bittorrent and Utorrent, I Decided that my start progman was Bitcomet so i should report to Bitcomet forums. The problem is that when I start Bitcomet(or anyelse) it works fine for about 5min and then comes the windows pop up that says "Bitcomet has closed unexpected"(It says something like that Bittorrent and Utorrent too) In bittorrent it says once that i should close, disable or uninstall "Norman Virus Control" but I payed it for next three years and I don't wanna waste is.


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I have no experience with Norman, and indeed have never heard of it, but you should certainly heed the advice given: temporarily uninstall it (to make very sure it's no longer there -- don't just turn it off), and see if your problem goes away.

If that doesn't change anything, you've eliminated it as the source of the problem. If the problem disappears you know that you need to try to take it up with Norman's publishers, or move to a different AV. Try Grisoft's free version of AVG.

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There is not a single person in the whole world, which could decide that in your stead.

It's up to you if you wish to try and discuss this matter with the support service personal of a product for which you paid good money and hope/wait that they will provide a solution or fix for that or if you just want a care-free life and thus install a free antivirus ridding yourself of this nuisance.

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